A helping hand

For reasons bigger than us, we are all forced to change our habits. Some of us have to work from home, but our heroes in healthcare, farmacies and supermarkets are working around the clock to make sure everyone is helped.

In these changing times, Interligo is here to leaned a hand.  We want you to stay safe, stay connected and as productive as you possibly can. 

Covid – 19 Impact:

“We will most likely be shutting down Europe”

“Teachers need to be prepared to educate remotely”

“We only have capacity to supply remote access to 20% of our workforce”

“We do not have the network capacity to support over 50% of our users working remotely”


stay connected

Stay connected!

As well as building state-of-the-art wired and wireless networks, we also make sure you’re not stuck behind your desk in the office. When your employees work from home – or from wherever they want for that matter – they won’t lose precious time being stuck in traffic, commuting or, as is the case now, quarantine.

Giving them access to company data and applications from anywhere, always, and on any device, improves their work-life balance. At Interligo, we make this happen as safely and efficiently as possible.

We can help with, e.g. adjusting your network to remote office, SLL VPN, Anyconnect, load balancers.

We also have some interesting conferencing options, like providing a 90 day free Webex trial for all your meetings and conferencing calls. With their productivity tools sharing has never been so easy.

Stay safe!

To help protect organizations dealing with new challenges, such as an increase in remote workers, Interligo is providing you with working solutions. With our partners, we are coming up with quick and easy solutions for your company.

For example, together with Cisco, we are providing extended trial license periods and expanded usage counts at no extra charge for Umbrella, Duo and AnyConnect with ASAv.

We secure your business assets better than Fort Knox, even from home.

You’ll be protected – from your network to the end-host and any point in between ­– with next-gen firewalls, intrusion prevention, advanced malware protection, and much more, whether you’re accessing your assets wirelessly or by cable, on-premise, remotely, or mobile.


Stay Productive!

Our service desk will stay active 24/7!  If you have any problems, you can contact our service desk.